Getting ready to move family time indoors was front of mind for the Broderick family. With an active 3 yr. old and ready to move 9 month old, creating room for their combined energy was huge! Priorities for their Naperville basement remodel was a budget friendly kid space, with plenty of room for family entertainment.

Key to the success of their project was adding floor heat to keep everyone’s feet, toes and hands warm year round. Adjacent to the play space, centrally located to  plumbing access, rests the wet bar and powder room.  The TV/entertainment area nestles in with plenty of room for everyone to watch TV, a movie or engage in whatever game suits the group! Using movable ceiling tile in this area allows for access to mechanical equipment. Combining the use of ceiling tiles and drywall on the ceiling maximizes ceiling heights, while creating seamless transitions between the activity areas.

The Brodericks are ahead of the curve and ready for the change of seasons and holiday fun. Warming up in their remodeled basement couldn’t be easier! Come, join in the fun!

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This TV/entertainment area of the remodeled basement is the perfect spot for TV, movies and games! Pass the popcorn!

This play area is warm all over! With floor heat, toys and imagination, these kids will rock the house till spring