To stay or not to stay? That is the question….

But maybe there’s a better option. Sometimes the best choice — as our client Cari learned — is to stay, but upgrade. If you’re thinking about a new home because your needs have changed, you might want to consider a home remodeling project instead.

Cari C. was in love with her neighborhood! The people were great, it was convenient for life, everything in the area just fit her needs. But… she needed more space. She was feeling a little cramped in her Wheaton bungalow.

Should she stay or move? Just thinking about everything involved in a move was exhausting. But what other options did she have? She reached out to Lellbach Builders to learn more about home remodeling.

The Lellbach team worked closely with Cari to learn what was most important to her. She wanted more room in her kitchen, and space to gather with friends and family. The solution? A room addition with a kitchen update to match.

This home remodeling project began with reconfiguring and adding space to the back of Cari’s home. The bump out gave her a new dining room / shared space. With plenty of windows, the natural light made it the perfect place for entertaining, or to start her day with a cup of coffee.


home remodeling kitchen update

Her updated kitchen gave her a new lease on life, with larger cabinets, more counter space, and an island for food prep / serving. Light cabinets, natural wood floors, and colorful material accents compliment Cari’s easy style.

By creating a more open space, and a new area for entertaining, Cari was able to keep the home she loved, but still have the space she desperately needed.


home remodel room addition dining room


Feeling a little “stuck” in your home and thinking about moving? You might want to consider a home remodeling project instead. It’s amazing what a room addition and update can do to make your current home feel like new.

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