You’re finally ready to make your dreams a reality and tackle your kitchen remodeling project. Easy enough, right? But, knowing how to find which kitchen remodeling contractors are the right choice for your dream project can prove to be a little tricky. We have a few tips on how to make your choice when the time comes.


4 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Remodeling Contractors


1. Get Recommendations


Gathering recommendations from neighbors, friends and family is the best place to start compiling a list of kitchen remodeling contractors.

Locating information on potential kitchen remodeling contractors will be key in your success to find the right one for you. Utilize websites, social media platforms and online reviews in order to get a sense of what you are looking for. Study their background, experience, professional credentials, community involvement and project portfolio.

Then, select two to three kitchen remodeling contractors to interview that are both in line with your requirements and seem to stand out from others.


2. Meet & Compare


Conducting interviews will provide you with an opportunity to compare your future contractors face to face. The contractor should share their company’s history, in addition to, a portfolio of finished projects.

When discussing their approach to your kitchen remodeling project, the contractor should offer their own creative ideas for your unique project. Ask about any key relationships with suppliers, designers, architects, subcontractors, and local municipalities they may have. These types of connections are often crucial for a successful kitchen remodeling project.

Ideally, a contractor should listen to you and understand your project goals. It is important that they answer any questions you may have about your kitchen remodeling project. They should also be able to tell you why this particular project interests them, and why they’re the right choice for the job compared to the competition.


Interview your short list of contractors



3. Research References


Experienced kitchen remodeling contractors should be able to provide you with a list of references. These references should represent current remodeling projects. CALL THEM!

In addition to overall project satisfaction ask detailed questions. Important topics include questions about scheduling, job-site neatness, punctuality, work delays and clarity of costs. Was the project completed on time and budget. Knowledge of how unforeseen problems are addressed is key.

Be sure to ask what they might do differently now that the project is complete. And of course, would they hire the contractor again and why… yes or no?



Organized kitchen remodeling job-site



4. Investigate completed projects


Visit a completed kitchen remodeling project that is about a year old. The test of time is the best judge of the project’s quality and workmanship.

Rate the homeowner’s satisfaction. Were there any service calls or repairs that needed to be addressed. Has the overall feel of the project held up?

Examine the workmanship. Look for obvious seams on the countertops, poorly installed cabinets, use of cheap materials, poor lighting and inadequate storage and counter space.

Beyond normal wear and tear, there should be no noticeable flaws.



Upper Cabinets not properly installed



4. Hire for fit, not price.


Carefully, review the proposals. Be suspicious of lowball bids.
In a healthy economy, kitchen remodeling contractors with a low bid may be cutting corners or be desperate for work, which is not a positive sign.

While technical ability is important, comfort with the contractor should play strongly into your final decision. Given a kitchen remodeling project could take 8 weeks or longer, choose a contractor that you can communicate with. It is better to spend more and hire a contractor you are comfortable with, than be miserable with low bidder.

Remember it is up to you to make the best decision for you and your home!

Do your due diligence, and you will hire a skilled and ethical kitchen remodeling contractor for your dream kitchen!


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