Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2021

2020’s quarantine found us at home more than ever before. Our kitchens are evolving from a place for meal prep to a center for zoom calls, kids’ homework, and entertaining family and friends. Kitchen trends in 2021 reflect not only our changing needs, but also our desire to liven things up! Casual, inviting styles, and the use of color and materials, are providing the warmth and comfort we all need.

Dreaming of a new kitchen? These trends offer refreshing ways to create a livable and inviting kitchen!


Kitchen Trends 2021: Color!

If you have a thing for color, then this is the year for you! As individuals embrace enthusiasm for interesting environments, the introduction of color throughout the kitchen is a leading trend.

Transitioning away from cool grays, color palettes are warming up. There is a shift from white to color. Overall moody, cozy color schemes are popular. Our reconnection to nature finds green gaining traction as a color of choice. Popular shades, whether bold or pastel, include hunter, emerald, sage, or mint. Other inspiring color trends include blues, earth tones, and reds.

kitchen remodeling trends 2021

Bold painted green cabinets, slab backsplash | [Image credit … Concept Renovations]


But wait, what about white kitchens?

How many of us love white kitchens? Bright, light, and easy to understand, right?

Everything works with a white kitchen. Truth be told, white kitchens are still popular, and more importantly, classic and timeless.
 Given the financial investment of a kitchen, selecting neutral cabinets for the long haul is a wise choice, appealing to many.

Not ready to lose your white kitchen to a new color scheme or trend? Step into the trend, just don’t over commit. Backsplashes and countertops offer convenient avenues for updating, while working with existing cabinets. Enlarge your color scheme by incorporating touches of new color trends in kitchen accessories, artwork, plants, dishes, and cookware.


Kitchen Trends 2021: 3-Tone Color Palettes

What about the all white, all wood, or two tone kitchen?

Hate to say it, but been there, done that! Kitchen trends in 2021 are leading us to mixing wood and painted cabinets with more color in the backsplash. Time for an esthetic twist!

Sounds complicated, right? It’s easier than you think to embrace this trend. Darker toned painted base cabinets with lighter upper cabinets create a spacious, lighter feeling while adding unexpected interest in a kitchen. Add a warm light wood or accent paint on the island. Repeat the accent color or wood on the hood. Any combination works! It’s all up to you!

Love the three-tone color palette trend, but not budget ready? Select the color scheme of your dreams and paint your cabinets.

kitchen trends 2021 3 tone color

Dark wood countertop paired with warm gray and blue cabinets. | (Image credit…Kitchen Studio)


Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2021: Backsplash Unleashed

Don’t you love subway tiles?

They’re classic and easy. And what about those lovely small glass mosaic tiles? 2021 is shifting backsplashes stylistically in many ways. Let geometry be your friend. Install a subway tile vertically, instead of horizontally, or create a herringbone pattern. Classic subway tile has become a sleek and modern trend leader.

Trends for tile continue to be larger scale, geometric shapes in a range of color and finishes with endless possibilities for kitchen backsplashes. Embracing the larger scale trend for backsplash materials, quartz and stone slabs are popular choices.

Ready to capture the latest trend with a quick fix? Just update your backsplash and rejuvenate your kitchen without a full kitchen remodel!


kitchen trends tile backsplash

Geometric pattern with color!    |   (Image Credit …The Tile Club)


Love Where You Live

Keep in mind trends tend to last 7-9 years. Trends shift and respond to larger world influences, which impact our day to day lives. The impact of 2020 and the pandemic continues to not only to shape our world, but our individual lives.

So, what 2021 kitchen trend works for you? Trends help us redirect our needs, while also revitalizing our lives and home environments. Trends are great roadmaps full of fresh, appealing ideas. Make an informed decision, but pick and choose what works for you.

What would make your kitchen a happier place?

kitchen remodeling trends color

Dark lower cabinets, natural wood upper cabinets | (Image credit… Tinke Triggs)


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