For many families, the feeling of home starts in the kitchen. But what if the heart of your home doesn’t feel so “homey” anymore? What if the cabinets you once loved are now dingy and dated, the countertop that was perfect “back then” is now totally the wrong color, or that once-cozy kitchen now feels cramped? If your space is ready for an upgrade, we offer you some ideas for remodeling a kitchen!


Remodeling 101: Better Kitchen Storage


You can never go wrong with large white kitchen cabinets. Not only do they lighten and brighten a space, but they make cleanup a breeze. Removing the soffit above your cabinets allows for more storage and makes the room appear taller. Carefully spaced lighting makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Need more storage as well as bonus countertop space? You may want to consider adding an island. Not only do islands provide additional cabinet space, they can also be used for casual dining. A large gray island with chrome and stainless accents can add a touch of style to a space with white cabinets and countertops. Create the perfect place for food prep, gathering, or entertaining!


More Kitchen Space


Sometimes our spaces are just too small. Or at least, they feel that way when we use them all the time. So how can you add more space to your kitchen? Creating an open floor plan whenever possible is always a good way to go. Sometimes walls in the kitchen, living room, or family room need to disappear. Your space can then be redesigned for comfort, relaxation, and style, with plenty of room for entertaining and family events.

Another secret to making your space look bigger? Rethink your ceiling. Adding a trayed ceiling can help define the function of the open concept, bringing the kitchen and adjacent areas together while still leaving plenty of space to move around.

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Kitchen Design Details


It’s easy to think about big things — new appliances, knocking out walls, more cabinets. But sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference. Carefully selected lighting, placed strategically throughout the space, can create an entirely new look and feel. Chrome and/or stainless steel accents can add a bit of pop and sparkle. Outlets everywhere you need them, and a few places you hadn’t thought of yet. And even a custom stain floor finish throughout, to unite your new open space with one brushstroke.

So what do you think? Feeling inspired yet? If you need more ideas for remodeling a kitchen, check out a few of our favorite projects  or follow us online.

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