There’s never enough room for all the coats, boots, shoes, backpacks, hats and gloves that follow us around. We all dream about extra space to store and organize outwear and accessories. Our clients are no exception. The old “coat closet” just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you need to more storage space, we have some awesome mudroom ideas for you.

First things first, thinking about mudroom space.

When space planning and designing a mudroom for a renovation, traffic flow and accessibility can often challenge the ideal location. Many mudrooms find the natural fit to be at the home’s entrance from the garage. It’s an easy place to hang your coat and bags, while leaving boots and shoes behind.

The main entrance to the home often relies on the old “coat closet” and whatever unsuspecting chair might hold overflow. Managing to design one mudroom to accommodate both entrances is generally unfeasible with the space available in many remodels. 

But with one recent mudroom project, impossible became reality!

Here’s a mudroom that found the space to effortlessly connect both entrances. This first floor remodel eliminated the existing dining room and kitchen, leaving a clean slate to start fresh. The new open floor plan reconfigured the area into an enlarged kitchen and dining space and created a larger mudroom. 

mudroom remodel

A wide walkway creates the perfect traffic flow between the front door and the garage entrance. Custom cabinetry, wood trim and storage cubbies maintain the classic style of the first floor remodel. An easy to maintain tile floor adds a touch of color contrast and pattern. And for a final touch of luxury? Heated floors to warm sock-covered toes.

mudroom remodel ideas

This mudroom’s seamless connection between the home’s entrances made our clients very happy. It not only provides the perfect space for storage, but also makes every day organization a breeze.

Perhaps it’s time to elevate this home’s  “mudroom” to its  “Welcome Emporium”.

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