The easy part? Deciding you’re so very done with your bathroom. Maybe it’s too small, lacking storage, or just getting old. Or perhaps your lifestyle or family needs have changed, leading you to a critical decision point. Your current bathroom is just not going to cut it anymore. Yes, that’s the easy part, but the hard part? Figuring out what you want in your new bathroom. We’re here with some bathroom remodel ideas to make it easier!

First things first. Make a quick list of what you don’t like in your bathroom. No elbow room. Not enough counter or storage space. Only one outlet. Whatever your hot buttons are, get clear on them, so you know what has to change.

Next up? Your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Do you need to keep your bathtub, or would a shower work? Perhaps you’d like both. Do you need two sinks, or would you just like plenty of extra counter space? Would a his/hers sink with separate storage make your mornings less stressful? Are you thinking spa-like retreat, or just a calm, refreshing, easy-to-use space to get ready for the day?

And now, the super fun part. It’s idea time! And we’ll focus on one of our most popular bathroom remodel requests — simple elegance. But what exactly is it, and how do you create it?

bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathroom Remodeling: Bringing Ideas to Life


Simple is about the basics. Making sure the most important things you need in your bathroom are there for you, right where you need them. Is there enough counter space for both you and your spouse? Is it easy to find things? Does the layout work for how you use your space?

Once the basics are in place, and the plan created, it’s the details that will bring a touch of elegance. A walk-in shower versus a higher wall tub. A soft gray wall, with white trim, and silver hardware for a pop of sparkle and shine. Lighting carefully placed over the counter and in the shower. And for that special touch? Heated floors and towel warmers.

And just like that, your new bathroom is revealed. Ok, so maybe there’s a little more work to make it all a reality, but that’s where we come in to make it easier! The Lellbach team has been building bathrooms for more than 30 years. No matter what challenges your space has, we can turn it into something wonderful.

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