With over 30 years of experience as bathroom remodeling contractors, the Lellbach team has seen it all. From tiny little half baths, to master bedroom suites designed for the ultimate in convenience. But the most popular project our clients ask for? To take your everyday run-of-the-mill bathroom, update it, and add a touch of luxury.

This bathroom remodel was no exception. What was once a dated and underutilized space featuring a whirlpool tub and deck, soon became the ideal space for rest and relaxation. Our client wanted a peaceful, calming, and exclusive retreat, tucked away in their home. Lellbach Builders went to work, making their dream a reality.

This remodeling project turned a typical bathroom into a place to relax and recharge. Out came the whirlpool. The deck was tossed away. In its place, with plenty of room to spare, came a luxurious new soaking tub. Nestled below a large arched window, it creates a focal point for the bathroom. It whispers step in, and soak the day away.

The new vanity provides extra counter space with plenty of additional storage. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Getting ready for work is now a much easier task each day.

bathroom remodel lellbach builders

The updated gray walls accent the new soft flooring. White trim and silver accents provide an updated look and feel, with just a hint of sparkle.

This master spa oasis was completed through soft neutral gray porcelain tile, double white vanities and marble finish Cambria countertops.

Gone is the dated bathroom, old fixtures, and unused whirlpool tub. In it’s place is a bathroom you can’t wait to use!

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