Sometimes home remodeling involves a big project. A kitchen overhaul, a new addition, or a master bedroom suite. But other times a quicker freshen up can do the trick. Areas that are the “go to” spots, like kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms, can start to feel old. How about some quick bathroom remodeling ideas to freshen up your space?

One of the best things about freshening up your home is that it doesn’t have to mean a total remodel. The Lellbach team recently freshened up an ensuite bath, completing the perfect guest suite for our client’s visiting family and friends. With great bones, it was ideal for a simple bathroom renovation.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space


Where do you start? There are undoubtedly elements in your bath that are still functional and look good. Decide what they are and use these as your starting place. In this bath, the vanity, counter, sink and toilet were all in great shape, with neutral colors that created good renovation building blocks.  

Determine what is tired, worn out, and needs replacing. It was easy to see that in this 15 year old bath, the shower and floor were ready for updating. The shower grout and tile were failing and dated. Changing the  shower head, valves, and adding a handheld shower head created easy comfortable enhancements. 

Simplifying grout maintenance with large scale wall tile and a one piece shower pan also visually enlarged the small space. A glass shower door created a clean, functional element. Replacing floor tile with an interesting pattern porcelain tile added the perfect design feature, pulling this bathroom remodel together. Final touches including new vanity hardware, towels, and bath accessories complete this guest bath’s freshening up. 

And so you see, a bathroom update doesn’t have to be a life changing event! Maybe your bathroom needs a bit more help, but maybe a quick freshen up is all you need to breathe new life into your space.

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