The real estate market is still hot! And while some areas are hotter than others, the Naperville area continues to draw. Thinking about selling your home? Whether you need more or less space, the most important areas to think about are kitchens and baths. Last week we talked about remodeling your kitchen before listing your home. This week we’ll inspire you with bathroom renovation ideas, before you sell.

Many homes are being sold before even hitting the market, which only increases the sale price and market excitement. Where do home buyers focus their attention in a home? Bathrooms and kitchens. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas to consider before you list your home for sale. 

Home buyers take a close look at bathrooms. They don’t want to remodel a bathroom when they move in. They want fixtures and features that are comfortable for their lifestyle. Their focus is on storage, light colors, and a relaxing feel, and they want it all in working order.


Bathroom Remodeling Do’s


If it’s broken, fix it. Eliminate anything that would cause a buyer to question your home’s integrity. Fix any shower leaks, cracked grout, or broken tile. Repair tub scratches or cracks. Replace a running or leaking toilet. Have your floor and shower tile professionally cleaned. A clean, well-maintained bathroom enhances the presentation of your entire home.  

Visuals matter. Think timeless and neutral.  A cost effective update of wall and cabinet paint can freshen up your bath without a lot of effort or cost. Accessorize with new towels and shower curtains. Declutter the countertop and remove any personal items. 

Details matter.  Finishes should match. If yours don’t, upgrade shower plumbing, faucets, cabinet  hardware, shower doors, and towel bars. Consider adding a handheld in the shower. 

Update lighting, add recessed lighting, and change the lighting fixtures.

bathroom remodeling ideas

Storage matters. Make what storage you have look spacious and clean. Organize and empty your medicine cabinet and linen closet. The same goes for the vanity storage and drawers. Remove cleaning items, eliminate hooks (or at least what’s hanging on them), and remember: the less distractions, the better.

Widen your demographic thinking. A growing trend in housing right now is “aging in place.” Adding well-designed grab bars and seats to a bath or shower appeals to adults who are considering their future needs to live comfortably as they age.

Renovate now. If you’re thinking of updating your bathroom, start right away. You’ll have one less “to do” on your list when you’re ready to sell. And as an added bonus, you’ll love your bathroom even more in the meantime!

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