When it comes to thinking about remodeling, it’s always ok to dream. We want our bathrooms to reflect all the current design trends, but with a guarantee to remain timeless. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to accomplish. By the time your new bathroom renovation is complete, something new is already in the works.

The good news? There are a number of design strategies that will help make your bathroom seem timeless for many years to come. The Lellbach team recently finished a bathroom remodel with just this goal in mind, and we want to show you what’s possible.

This master bath has everything for now, with the future still in mind. Combining classic style with all the current upgrades and enhancements.

The project began by removing the existing whirlpool deck tub. The shower grew in size, and we extended the double vanities. All of these to set the groundwork for adding spa-like upgrades. 

Now on to the “must haves” common to many of our client’s master bath remodeling projects.  

Bathroom Remodeling Must Haves


Soaking tubs are truly wonderful for a bath. But it doesn’t stop there. They are like a piece of sculpture, creating a timeless spa environment. In this bath, the tub is settled in its own spacious corner, with adjacent shelving for towels and bath accessories. Easy accessibility makes it an awesome choice for years to come. 

Luxury showers are long standing requests from our clients, and this project was no different. Enlarging the shower and adding an extended shower seat were just the beginning. Next came the shower systems with body sprays and a steam shower. These are just a few of the luxury improvements that help create an everlasting master bathroom. 

Double vanities are always a favorite, and for good reason. Counter height vanities with ample storage, spacious countertops, and double sinks go a long way in keeping peace among partners. Simple decorative mirrors, understated lighting and chrome, and black finishes maintain qualities of timeless style. 

master bath renovation

Classic material selections and color schemes, intentionally understated, remain fresh as time goes on. Carrara style porcelain tile, in a variety of sizes, artfully unites the floor and shower in a pleasing design. The shower cubby’s accent tile adds a soft pattern while introducing a sage green accent color. The dark gray painted vanity introduces a classic accent, which will stand the test of time. The wood beam in the ceiling successfully adds warmth to balance the cool tones of tile. 

And for the finishing touch? You can’t forget to add floor heat during your bathroom renovation! Floor heating remains a constant request and a most appreciated addition for your warmth and comfort. Warm toes right out of the shower? Yes please!

While you may not be able to remodel your master bath to last forever, you can definitely make it wonderful for many years to come.

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