Kitchen Remodel Done Right!

Dave & Cathy B. were trippin’… Over their kids, pets, toys, and everything else fighting for space in their kitchen. With two sons (and their friends), two dogs, two careers, and two parents who love cooking, they knew a kitchen remodel must be in their immediate future.

While our kitchens have always been the heart of the home, in the last year, many of them have become the “everything” of our homes. A back up office, a place for school, and still a space to prepare food and gather with friends and family. If your kitchen is feeling a little cramped, this project might inspire you!

This classic kitchen was functional, but oh so small, given the needs of the family. So Dave and Cathy turned to Lellbach Builders to give them what we all need — a little extra space.  And like many projects, these clients needed the Lellbach crew to get creative!


kitchen remodeling before photo

Kitchen area – before update


Kitchen Remodeling With a Little More…

Additional space was added to the garage and laundry area, creating a host of new possibilities. The garage entry was relocated to the mudroom, cutting down on traffic flow in the kitchen. The kitchen itself was enlarged to provide more space for food prep, as well as a bigger (more comfortable) area for gathering.

Custom granite tops and a contrasting island cabinet, with hanging lights provide a unique place for friends and family. The AGA oven — placed on a 45 degree angle — becomes a warm focal point in the kitchen. The mixture of glass and stone mosaic accents the custom copper hood and natural materials of the kitchen. A new family tech hub makes googling those recipes (and everything else) quick and easy!


kitchen remodel - corner stove and oven


The unique design of the mudroom provides storage for coats & boots, and helps easily organize the laundry. Not to mention it’s also a new comfy home for the family dogs. And last but not least, new storage cubbies provide a space for everything!

This kitchen remodel didn’t just fix space issues, it gave the family a whole new outlook.

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