Not even two years ago, restaurants and fast-casual dining had replaced many of our home-cooked meals. In a world filled with work and activities, taking the time to cook (and serve) was rare. The most action our dining rooms saw was their weekly dusting. But enter the pandemic, and we’ve spent the last year+ eating at home. It’s making many of us think it’s time for a dining room remodel.

Dining rooms used to be traditional. Less-than-inviting chairs gathered around a large dark wood or glass table. A china cabinet towering above, standing guard over grandma’s dishes. Those two large pieces of abstract artwork that really didn’t fit any other room. And last but not least, dark heavy drapes covering much of the windows.

But as the pandemic has breathed new life into home entertaining, dining rooms are enjoying a new found focus in our client’s homes. The desire to take the traditional feel out of a dining room is a constant refrain echoing in our ears. How do you create a dining space that is warm and comfortable, where guests want to relax and linger? 

dining room remodel

Dining Room (Before)

dining room remodeling ideas

Dining Room (After)

Dining Room Design


The design basics are similar to all other projects. Just use the right balance of color, texture, light and materials. It’s a concept that sounds simple, but it’s a little trickier to bring to life. Luckily, Lellbach Builders had the right remodeling team to make one couple’s dream a reality.

For this dining room remodel, they started with a warm color scheme with a mix of cool and colorful accents. The contrast makes the room interesting, inviting you in to pull up a chair and stay awhile. 

Wood floors with dark stain create a neutral cool base for a color scheme. A large light-colored wood table with partial bench seating create a warm compliment to the floor.

Weathered white side chairs with charcoal and white upholstery continue the mix of cool and warm tones. The splash of orange pillows adds zing that draws the eye.

Understated window treatments make use of filtered light from the window. Drop in an eye-catching light fixture and a statement piece of artwork, and your guests will never want to leave!

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