Spending time in the kitchen during the Holidays often reminds us that we could use more elbow room around the fridge. In our home, it seems that everyone wants something from the refrigerator at the same time – especially when I am cooking. (Yes, they get in my way!)  I like these ideas for secondary fridge locations. Who knows, they might actually keep elbows out of harms way.

Love the idea of a small fridge at the end of an island. Easy access for cold drinks and snacks. Great as backup for entertaining. Best of all, out of the main traffic pattern of the kitchen. Plenty of elbow room for all!

Island Fridge

Small refrigerator at the end of island! Perfect hiding place!

These small drawer refrigerators are perfect for beverages and items used often during the day. Easy access for kids to grab snacks.  These drawers can nestle in anywhere in a kitchen, out of main traffic area.

Hidden fridge drawer

Refrigerator drawers make sense for items used daily.


How about a beverage bar? When room is available, this layout is awesome. Room for not only a beverage fridge; but, a wine cooler and storage as well. This type of entertainment area could be added to a family room, extended kitchen or family “cave” (basement).  This buffet type layout makes great use of space, while being extremely flexible.

Beverage bar

A beverage bar offers multiple use of space, while fulfilling fridge requirements.


Well, I am ready to get the elbows out of my kitchen.  I have my favorite fridge alternative idea…..what about you?