It’s a classic problem for homeowners – how do we turn our houses into home? One of the best ways to make your home feel like it’s yours is to give it your own style. Kitchens, baths, entry halls are all great places to start. Want your update to have the biggest impact? Exterior remodeling could be the solution. For one recent client, this was the answer.

Working closely with Lellbach Builders and their architect, Dan and Cheryl took a big step. Their goal?  To increase curb appeal while making their home unique to them. Built in the early 1970s with an update in the 90s, the house had elements of each generation of remodel. The result? An in-cohesive and outdated view from the street.


exterior remodel before


Exterior Remodel: Blending Styles


To best merge these distinct design styles together, the architect proposed slight changes to the front elevation. This would help unify the different elements. To renovate the entry of the home, a new gable roof was built. A subtle art over the front door created the perfect complement. Adjusting the front porch columns helps draw the eye to the windows and updated entry.

A new siding pattern and color, with new trim detail creates additional interest and texture, enhancing the front elevation. Mixing a warm and cool color scheme enhances the fresh welcoming curb appeal. Last but not least, a standing seam metal roof covers the lower roof and acts to merge the elevation into a cohesive whole.

exterior home remodeling


By focusing on the front elevation, Dan and Cherly’s time and effort was best spent where people first engage their home… from the street! Their updated exterior now reflects their own unique style, and welcomes them home.

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