Most of our homes have something in common! Believe it or not it is our hall bath. The reliable bath for our family and guests. It is well loved and mostly overlooked. I can hear you saying now -“Cabinet, toilet, tub/shower and not much space for a great bathroom.”

Let me challenge your thinking! Hall baths can be spectacular. Given all the new products in plumbing, cabinets and tile these spaces can make a creative statement for day to day use.  As a designer, I like working on this size bath because it forces you to dig deep to create impact simply with intention. With space at a premium, storage is critical and function king! Last but not least, the budgets for these size baths keeps everyone happy!

Now repeat after me, “Cabinet, toilet, tub/shower…awesome space for a great bathroom!”


Great use of niches for storage & impact! “

Hall bath

Impact and privacy are created through the use of this interior door. Floating cabinet adds spacious feeling to the bath. Textures in materials add warmth.