A popular design feature on our client’s wish list for their bath remodel is the addition of a shower seat. Sounds easy enough to add, doesn’t it? Well, not as easy as you would think! Depending on the shower size, there are some basic design elements to consider.  Here’s what we discuss with our clients to find the best solution for singing in their showers!

Location and size of the shower seat is dictated by shower size & location of shower head,valves and sprays.  Generally, across from the shower controls works well, allowing for ease of access, use of the seat and water spray. The seat is wide enough to sit comfortably for a steam or rain shower. It is comfortable for all body types and sizes. A great spot for some R & R!

This shower has all the bells & whistles

This shower seat is located perfectly to enjoy the variety of water spray option available with this Kohler shower system.

A small corner seat often accommodates many types of showers. These seats are there for function, more than comfort. Whether diagonal or curved, these seats are great to grab a quick rain shower. Often our women clients find this the perfect location to rest their legs while shaving.  This often serve as an additional place to house shampoos & lotions.

Shower seat

This corner shower seat adds a place for easy enjoyment of all the shower spray options.

A shower door & location to other bath elements often impacts the location or feasibility of a shower seat. In many standard baths, a shower adjacent to the toilet make access into the shower limited. Add a glass shower door that swings into the shower and space for a seat becomes interesting!  Recently, we are installing these wall mounted teak seats. These seats are a perfect example of form & function working together. Our clients love the added spa design feature while being extremely practical.

Teak shower seat adds function & form to showers!

This wall mounted teak seat adds just the right amount of “SPA” to any shower!

What do you think? Are you ready to sing in your shower?