We all thought the shift to working from home would be temporary. But many of us are finding this new situation is here to stay. And while it offers many benefits, the challenge of finding the right space long term can be tough. A spare room or closet worked for awhile. But over time, a busy family life can get in the way.  Finding a consistently quiet space to get things done gets tougher and tougher. Considering a home addition might be the right way to go.

When space is an issue, some people think about moving. Buying a new house with the perfect office space for their needs can sometimes be easier. But moving is not for everyone, and there’s a lot to think about. It’s also a big life adjustment with a lot of stress. The better option for one of our clients was to add on to their existing home. They loved their house and neighborhood, but desperately needed a better work-from-home space.

The Lellbach team helped them prioritize their wish list, analyze space options, and start to bring their new vision to life.


Home Additions: Where to Start… 


First, we listened to their goals for the space. This addition needed to create an office which was separate from the family’s day to day activities. Privacy and quiet was key to maintaining a  professional atmosphere for work, calls and meetings.  The office needed to accommodate enough space for a desk, plenty of storage and even provide flexibility for a small meeting.

Next up? Location, location, location. Determining the best spot was critical before making plans for the room addition. Breaking through into space over the garage or adding on behind the garage were two viable options.  In this case, the space behind the garage could fit approximately a 20’ x 20’ home addition. An ideal spot, it also facilitated a redesign of the laundry, mudroom and powder room, while adding on the additional space for the home office. 

Designing floor plan options is an exciting step that helps brings our clients’ vision to life. These floor plans illustrate two layouts for the office, laundry, mudroom and powder room.  The proposed addition fits perfectly behind the garage and is easily accessible from the home’s kitchen and garage. The exterior elevation shows how the exterior finishes will integrate with the existing home’s style and finishes.

home addition plan
home addition ideas

Decisions, decisions, and a few more decisions. Now it’s up to our client! The fun begins as decisions start happen. Selecting a floor plan, making necessary revisions, budgeting and then on to material selections. And once those are all done? It’s time to start building their new project. 

We’ll keep you posted on this exiting new home addition as it takes shape. 

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