Back to the office, or maybe not quite yet. As we begin the 3rd year of dealing with the pandemic, many of us are still struggling with where to work. Some companies have everyone working from home, while others are using a hybrid model. But one thing is clear: home office remodeling is still climbing.

The shift during the pandemic to working remotely has given rise to rethinking the overlooked and underused areas of our homes. That dingy workout/messy storage area in the basement? Now it suddenly needs to provide comfort and efficiency for a home office and daily workouts. It’s time to say  goodbye to the dusty cobwebs and create an environment that facilitates peaceful concentration and convenience! This Naperville couple was no exception.

basement home office

Home Office Remodeling in Naperville

When Sue’s employer told her it was time to work from home, she knew they would have to get creative. What she needed was a quiet place to focus and get her work done, while also maintaining their workout space. The good news was Sue and Ray’s basement had all the space required to meet their goals of a functional home office and a home gym area.

The only structural modification needed was to make the existing window bigger. The partially underground space needed more natural light, and the new window also increased the feeling of spaciousness in the basement. 

basement home office

The desk and storage area was customized to fit Sue’s home office needs. An ample work surface allowed space for daily communication, electronics, and projects. Lateral files and shelves with doors provide storage for books, binders, and work related items. It’s now easy to stay organized, while keeping things neat and tidy. In addition, floating shelves create space to display personal items.

White painted cabinets, faux wood laminate countertops, light greige walls, and neutral taupe carpet adds spacious warmth to the inviting space. The workout equipment fits in perfectly as it compliments the classic color scheme.

With a basement like this, who’s interested in going back to the office and gym? Definitely not Sue or Ray. With this home office remodeling project, they’ve got everything they need, just a few steps away.

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