Lellbach Builders has been a home remodeling contractor for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of kitchens and baths, and other home editions. But sometimes we get to help with a unique remodeling challenge. That’s exactly what this Aurora exterior remodel project was.

The house was a wonderful example of homes built in the late 1980’s with brick and Dryvit exteriors. The entry, with its rounded turret, evokes a subtle French castle style. The house itself presented a dramatic statement of its own, but there was a unique challenge. This beautiful setting needed a more welcoming entrance. In other words, it needed an entry to match the home.


exterior home remodeling


The main design idea for exterior remodeling was to add stone to the existing turret. This would add texture and color, while also separating the turret from the rest of the front exterior elevation. The installation of brick pavers to the entry walk brought another layer of texture and warmth.

The addition of the portico renewed focus on the front entry door with its stained glass window. The portico helps focus attention while also keeping rough weather outdoors. The copper roof on the portico compliments the door, adding warmth while also mixing warm and cool tones.

An interesting pattern in the walkway guides you to an inviting front door. New lighting fixtures blend and highlight the new design elements. The main focal point of the Aurora home now says  “Welcome” to all of its visitors!

It’s easy to get caught up in dreaming of updates to the inside of our homes. After all, it’s where we spend so much of our time. A beautiful new kitchen or bath, or more space in a bedroom, can make daily living so much easier. But a great home remodeling contractor can help bring new life to the inside and outside of your home.

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