2020 was the year to stay home! Our homes are our world. We’ve learned what works and doesn’t. We emptied basements, created home offices in oversize closets, turned bedrooms into home gyms, and did just about everything else to make home the place to be. Home remodeling trends for 2021 reflect the need for comfort, fresh and updated looks, and spaces that fit the expectations of new lifestyles post pandemic.


Four themes are dominating the current home remodeling trends for 2021


1. Multi-function rooms that serve double and triple duty are a must have!


The addition of space must accommodate evolving from office, guest room, to gym, to remote working & learning with ease. Sliding doors or partitions that create quiet space within an open place is essential. Plenty of network and wifi abilities, with soundproofing and virtual backdrops, are just a few of the essentials homeowners need.


home remodeling trends 2021 - multi purpose room addition

Multi-function room addition


2. Entertainment Zones are helping us shift from external activities to playing at home.


Adding a new space with a room addition, or renovating a basement, can give your family a much-needed place to escape and relax. Creating an entertainment haven where friends and family gather is one of the strong remodeling trends for 2021. Media rooms, bars, wine rooms, lounge space and game areas encourage a healthy, safe environment for get togethers. And who doesn’t love skipping the parking, lines, and noisy theater-goers?


Comfortable Entertainment Zone

Comfortable Entertainment Zone


3.Multigenerational Living is a growing trend for many families.


Homes that work for grandparents, children and even grandchildren find themselves in high demand. Not only do social and economic factors come into play, but having peace of mind regarding healthcare for your extended family is a significant factor. Room additions for in-law suites and studio apartments, in addition to separate cottages, create private living space for family members.


home remodeling ideas - Floor plan for multigenerational room addition

Floor plan for multigenerational room addition


4. Our backyards are priority!


Outdoor living rooms and other spaces extend living areas while providing space for recreation for spring, summer, and fall. Add in outdoor heating options and you might even have an escape in the warmer winter months.

In addition to gardening, there is renewed interest in enjoying landscapes and evolving plants as seasons change. Creating outdoor rooms reimagine our home’s exterior spaces. Trends show stackable sliding doors between a kitchen and screened porch, creating seamless transitions between the inside and outdoors.

Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, bars, hot tubs, decks, pools, sport courts, gardens and patios create home-based lifestyle centers. Why leave when home is even better?


home remodeling trends - Seamless outdoor living space

Seamless outdoor living space


With renewed clarity, “Home is where the heart is” still rings true in 2021.

Home remodeling trends right now are all about creating environments focused on family, health, wellness and flexibility. 2020 has renewed our belief that we value the safe haven of our homes!

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