One positive outcome from the pandemic? Renewed interest and focus on our homes. More work-from-home, homeschooling, and entertaining have sparked the need to re-evaluate our spaces. What are the hottest home remodeling trends right now? We’ll share the three we see the most.

In addition to the always popular kitchen and bath improvements, our clients continue to request a few specific things.   


First Up: Transitional Spaces/Mudrooms

Every home needs transitional areas, whether an outdoor space or inside the home. From outdoor living spaces, swing set/play areas, garden, or garage, a mudroom is a “must have” space. The greatest thing about a mudroom? It’s the perfect drop zone, with plenty of storage for coats, shoes, backpacks, and groceries.

A laundry center with convenient deep sinks, a washing station for our client’s furry four-legged pets, or a powder room, are often great additions to these transitional spaces. A well-designed mudroom keeps the mud and messes in their own space, and away from the rest of the house.

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Next Up, Home Offices

While home offices have been somewhat mainstream over the years, they have truly become important during the pandemic. In the past, the home office was often shared by several people, and used only on an as-needed basis. However, the pandemic ushered in a high demand for private work space.

As many people started working from their sofas, kitchen tables, and even patios, home office renovation has become a much higher priority. A dedicated quiet work space — and in some homes, multiple spaces — has become an essential in many homes. 

This trend often sees us borrowing space from untapped basements, extra bedrooms, seldom used formal dining rooms, or underused space over the garage. If there’s extra space in your home, the Lellbach remodeling team will find it, and bring it to life!


Last, but Definitely Not Least, Outdoor Living Space

With the continued explosion of outdoor entertaining, activities, gardening, and relaxation, outdoor living space continues to be a dominant trend. Patios, decks, screened-in porches, outdoor kitchens, living spaces, gardens…the list goes on, with no end in sight. Our clients are just like us: they want to enjoy the great outdoors, without leaving home.

As with the other hot home remodeling trends, creating living space outdoors not only enhances your lifestyle, but adds value to your home.

If you think your home isn’t quite living up to it’s full potential, check out some of our featured projects and get the inspiration going!

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