We’ve all been there, and if you’re reading this post, you just might be there now… The dreaming and planning that always comes before the project. Your current kitchen just isn’t working anymore. It’s too small. Or perhaps, it’s big enough, but outdated. It just doesn’t fit as your family’s needs change. Whatever the case may be, you know it’s time for something new. The phase you’re in now is critical. It’s time to collect ideas for renovating a kitchen.

Have no fear, the Lellbach team is here for you! We’ve helped many of our clients with kitchen remodeling, from dreaming, to planning, to building, to get them to the best place — loving your new kitchen! As you work through this exiting (albeit a bit daunting) phase, we hope to point you in the right direction for inspiration.


Kitchen Renovation Ideas: A Few Things to Consider


When we think about kitchen renovation, we always think big, like knocking out a wall, adding or removing cabinets and countertops, or the addition of an island or new appliances. And yes, these things definitely matter. But sometimes we overlook something that could matter most: the little things that make a big difference.

kitchen renovation ideas

Here’s 3 questions to ponder while you’re dreaming.


1. How Do You Spend Your Time?


For most families, a kitchen is a place to prepare food. We can all agree on that. But how it’s used changes in each home. Do you spend hours trying out new recipes? Do you prepare meals for large family gatherings on a regular basis? Does your family eat in the kitchen, or just grab their food and go? Is your island the spot for Thursday night game night, or do your kids use it for homework? And beyond how you currently use your space, how would you like to use it in a perfect world? These questions will help you craft your vision.


2. What’s Currently Hard, That Should Be Easier?


Is your sink too small? With not enough counter space nearby? Is your dishwasher across the room? Fridge near the entry to the garage? Does standing at the stove block a walkway? Are you struggling to find storage space? Or maybe you have a lot, but it’s too far out of reach. Perhaps the island is too small, or on the other hand, takes up too much space you’d rather use for something else. If you make a list of the big and little things that bug you, you can start to prioritize what really matters.


3. What Design Trends Do You Love, or Really Dislike?


As we start thinking about ideas for renovating a kitchen, we’re naturally drawn to photos of other kitchen remodel projects. If you need some immediate inspiration, check out some of our favorites. While scrolling through Facebook or Instagram might be interesting, there are ways to make your time much more meaningful. Look closely at the photos you like. Ask yourself specifically what pulls you in. Is it the colors on the walls or cabinets? The layout of the space, or the flooring? Is there something unique? At the same time, be sure to identify a few things in photos that you don’t like. It can often be hard to know what we want, or don’t want, until we see it.

Armed with answers to these questions, and a collection of design trends you like and don’t like, you’ll be ready to start planning your new kitchen!

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