As summer fades away into the coolness of fall, we start to spend more time inside. Relaxing with a good book, gathering with family and friends, or preparing those warm comfort foods we all love so much! For one home chef, these thoughts were at the top of their mind when it came to choosing their kitchen remodeling contractor.

This client knew what had to go. The old cabinets, small quarters, and minimal counter space were just the beginning. It was time to go bigger and better and create the kitchen of their dreams.

With many kitchen projects there is one common challenge: the issue of space. Most homeowners don’t have the option to knock out walls or expand the actual kitchen footprint. This is where innovative design can really make or break a home remodeling project. With a careful design plan in hand, the Lellbach Builders team went to work, making this vision come true.

kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Within an Existing Space

By working new elements into the existing space, you get the feel of a new space without changing any of the core structure. The primary goals for this project? To improve function, upgrade finishes, and also create more space for recipe testing and food prep.

The warm wood floors welcome guests. An invitation to pull up a chair, taste testa new recipe, or just relax with a cup of coffee.

Newly installed cream-painted cabinetry with a stone finish gives this kitchen a dramatic refresh. Dark Cambria countertops and natural stone subway backsplash provide the perfect backdrop.

Matte black hardware and accents provide a bit of pop to the cream finish. Each carefully selected element helps complement the stainless steel appliances.

This kitchen remodeling project combines expert design with skilled craftsmanship. The result? A warm and welcoming space with a fresh new look and plenty of extra space!

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