The Lellbach team loves helping homeowners realize their home’s potential through remodeling. While we may see a lot of kitchens and baths, each project is as unique as the home and the owner. Even the most popular kitchen remodeling projects are no exception, and kitchen renovation often has the most impact on changing a home’s value and function. Here are a few kitchen remodeling ideas to fuel your creativity.

Most successful kitchen remodeling projects have two elements in common.


First, the goal of better functionality. 


One of our recent kitchen favorites definitely had this priority in mind. The challenge? The overall footprint of the space couldn’t change. So the team got creative. By removing soffits and extending the upper cabinets to the ceiling, more storage space was added. As a bonus, without the old soffits, the kitchen now feels more spacious.

Moving the microwave from over the stove to a custom spot in the island freed up the bottleneck in front of the oven. The island microwave is now easier for the whole family to use. Say “goodbye” to cooking traffic jams!

Next up? Trading out a seldom used desk area to create a beverage bar. Complete with a mini fridge, it’s now much easier to get refreshments without having to use the main refrigerator. These functional changes create a much more user-friendly kitchen, and this makes for a much happier family. 

kitchen renovation ideas


Second, the goal of a balanced and inviting environment.


Too much warmth and the kitchen feels cramped. Too cool, and no one wants to stay long. But create a balance of warm and cool finishes and you’ll have a space where everyone wants to be.

Cabinets with a warm wood tone create welcoming feeling. Carrera marble finish quartz countertops provide a clean contrast to the cabinet finish. The white subway tile backsplash anchors the materials together, creating a timeless and bright feel. The cool gray wood floor compliments stainless steel appliances, while contrasting against the wood cabinets.

As a finishing touch, clear glass light fixtures over the island add plenty of sparkling light without compromising visibility. 

The list of kitchen remodeling ideas might seem a bit daunting, but just remember that as long as you improve function while using warm and cool finishes, your project will be successful and uniquely yours!

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