The kitchen is often the most-used space in your home. You prepare food, gather with friends and family, and in the last year you may have even used it as extra work space. We love our kitchens… until we don’t anymore. A kitchen renovation can help breath new life into your family’s favorite room. But it’s a daunting project.


Current shifts in our daily routines may be shifting your view of your kitchen’s functionality. You know you want more from your kitchen. You’re ready to begin your kitchen remodeling project, but where do you start? Your idea file and must have list is running over….


kitchen renovation before

Gently Loved Kitchen



Start With a Plan

Begin your kitchen renovation process with a plan. Team up with an experienced kitchen designer and remodeling contractor. Share your photos, ideas, notes and napkin sketches. They will listen closely to understand your goals and dreams for your new kitchen.

With your vision in mind, your designer takes the lead. Your designer gives special attention to budget, kitchen work flow, storage, lighting, electric and traffic flow. To achieve better flow through the entire living space, altering walls may be a suggestion. That one wall you always wish had an outlet? Just one of the many details your designer will remember.

Based on your goals, a new floor plan is created. The floor plan finalizes where each of the components of your kitchen are will be placed. Component parts such as cabinets, appliances, backsplash, lighting, electric and countertops are all part of your kitchen plan.


kitchen renovation plan

New Floor Plan with Improved Lighting & Space



Choose Materials & Finishes

Next up is material and finish selections, which bring your kitchen remodel to life! With so many options available today, many homeowners are overwhelmed with choices. It can be difficult to make final selections. This is another way your designer can help make your life easier. Their vision for the finished project will make sure your kitchen remodel achieves your goals.

Will those frosted glass cabinet doors work with brushed copper handles? Maybe… but what about across from your stainless steel stove? Your designer will learn about your preferences overall and help provide insight. They can also make suggestions to help prioritize your selections keeping in mind budget or space requirements.


Your designer’s knowledge and experience of not only current trends, but new trends, colors and products is key. Pay attention to products that will hold up well to normal wear and tear. Today’s products and finishes are made for durability and ease of maintenance.


kitchen renovation project - after

Classic Material & Color Selections



Watch Your Vision Unfold

As demo day becomes reality, your contractor takes the lead. All the plans, selections, deliveries, schedules and unforeseen hiccups miraculously come together. Your contractor carefully guides installation. Somehow all the plans, parts and people work together to deliver your new kitchen.

And now you can see it! Open floor plan, custom kitchen, better workflow, and ample storage, all with a warm and inviting color scheme. And that one wall by your favorite counter? It not only has an outlet, but extra lighting! The project was a great success!



kitchen remodeling ideas

New Kitchen Work Space & Traffic Flow


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