Trends in kitchen design and remodeling are increasingly focused on integrating healthy lifestyles into our homes.  Across all ages, people are interested in pure foods,  planting family gardens and better food choices for healthy living.  Homeowners are finally making the connection between a beautiful kitchen and one that also focuses on creating great meals while improving their family’s health.

Here’s 5 kitchen trends we see kitchen remodeling and design headed in 2013 and beyond.

1. Shift your kitchen “triangle” work model to a work “station” model.  As appliances and technology evolve, workstations for cooking, steaming, communicating, etc. are more efficient than the traditional work triangle.  I know change is tough; but, it is time to adapt work flow to the new appliances and offerings.


2. Let go of the image in your mind of how your kitchen should look. Consider integrating your kitchen with other rooms & activities in your home. Create a new environment for health, wellness & family.  Everyone always ends up in the kitchen. So why not, Eat, pray, love – all in one space!


3. Think of the wellness of our planet. Install eco-smart materials and products designed to endure. From counter tops, to flooring materials, cabinets, there is an abundance of green choices for every part of your kitchen remodel. These bamboo cabinets are beautiful and sustainable as well. It’s finally easy to be green!


4. Get smart! Smart appliances are a key category that has exploded with intelligent, efficient cooking preparation choices. Steam cooking, induction cooking, cook top modules are only the beginning. Find what fits your personality and cooking style and Go for it!

5. Aim for classic style choices that will you won’t tire of easily. The trends towards clean line, integrated cabinetry & appliances and neutrals with a pop of color allow for the the focus to be on your health, family and friends. Create the space that everyone loves – the heart of you home!


Enhancing health and wellness trends are here to stay. Perhaps one of these ideas resonate with you today. It only takes one step to enrich your life, health and well being. Where will you start?