Given the chance to renovate your master bath, what would you change? Better functionality? Updated design elements, finishes, or fixtures? Would luxury play a role? Perhaps technology, floor heat, a steam shower, or shower system. Or maybe something small but significant, like heated towel bars? For one of our recent master bath remodel projects, our client was asking for just these things. 

While they loved their existing bath, they were feeling a bit cramped. Improving the functionality of the bath was their number one goal. The existing oversized whirlpool tub was seldom used. The large vanity had only one sink, and the toilet was tucked away in a corner. In addition, the shower was far too snug. And while they did have a sky light, the space definitely needed more light.

First on our list? Modifying the floor plan. These changes easily set the stage for better functionality. Now there was plenty of space for a bigger vanity, double sinks, and best of all, more storage!


master bathroom remodeling


Remodeling Your Master Bathroom – Functionality & Design


Enclosing the toilet area created privacy and defined space for other elements. Replacing the whirlpool tub with a soaking tub set the spa-like tone for this master bathroom. A new window behind the tub washed the space with plenty of additional light. The soaking tub’s smaller footprint left extra space to enlarge the shower. Far from the everyday, it was now complete with rain shower, body spray options, and an oversized shower seat.

And for the real finishing touch of comfort? Floor heat and heated towel bars were the icing on the cake.

But functionality wasn’t the only goal of this master bath remodel. The design was important, too!

A spa-like atmosphere was created with understated classic materials and finishes. Painted white cabinets, marble quartz countertops, and white sinks present a light and classic style. Gray porcelain flooring and shower tile warmly contrast with the white and gray color scheme. The warm and cool mixed mosaic tile framed on the shower wall introduces another spa-like design element.  Wainscoting adds texture and definition to the soaking tub area.  Chrome finishes on the plumbing, lighting, and bath accessories add just the right amount of sparkle to this master spa!

What was once a tight fit, is now a beautiful open space, with just the right blend of functionality and design. The updated bathroom not only welcomes you, but provides the perfect space to prepare for the day or relax and unwind. Perhaps, we really can have it all!

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