While traveling last month to LA , I had the opportunity to stay at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.  This boutique hotel is a designer’s dream full of California flair & hip vibe. The decor has a mid-century design influence with a sophisticated color scheme of grey, green and white. I loved  the subtle use of mirrors as a design element that added dimension and sparkle without being “glitzy”. It struck me that many of our remodeling client’s projects could benefit from the use of mirrors but may need some tips to master this trend.

Here’s 3 tips in using mirrors that will aid you in layering another dimension in your spaces.


Mirrors used as paneling.

1. Consider using a mirror as a texture in a room.

 The mirror will enlarge the space and reflect light. Frame the mirror as wall panels. There are many choices besides clear mirror- try a color or texture.

Treating mirrors as paneling adds texture, light and dimension to the space.








Mirror in bath

Unexpected mirror placement.

2.Consider over sizing the scale of a mirror and place unexpectedly.

The over scaled mirror in the picture (to the right) is placed unexpectedly in the corner. Love how it adds an element of surprise.









Mirror gallery.

3. Group a mixture of smaller framed mirrors as a gallery.

 It’s an easy way to create impact in a very simple & sophisticated manner.

 Use this mirror gallery idea (shown left) anywhere. The whole wall is your canvas.

So, what do you think? Worth a reflection in your home?

 I say- Go For It!