Kids fighting over the bathroom? It happens. We’ve all been there. The need for more (and better) bathroom space is a common theme we hear from many of our clients. Nothing adds stress to a morning, or delays bedtime, like battles for the shower, sinks, etc. You realize you need another bath, but where do you find the space? Perhaps it’s time for some new bathroom ideas.

Many times, a seldom-used closet, or spare room, can be revisioned to create a bath. There might also be room in the basement, but that’s not always the most convenient option. And it’s always tricky to give up space you may be using for other things. But there’s another often overlooked space that may work: the empty area above your garage. Generally used for storage, these above-garage spaces usually just gather dust. So let’s change that and put that space to work for you! 

A fun recent project involved one of our clients deciding to take advantage of this valuable “forgotten” real estate. All it took was tapping through a wall into the space over the garage, and voila, there was room for an ensuite bath for their son’s bedroom! Okay, we admit, there was a bit more work involved, but in terms of home remodeling, it was a walk in the park!


New Bathroom Ideas: From Storage to Space


Once the area for the new bathroom addition was clear, the project quickly came to life. Entry through an opening in the bedroom wall allowed for direct access to the new bathroom. No need to change the size of the bedroom.  The floor plan allowed for all the basic necessities — shower, sink, storage, and toilet.  Electric and plumbing connections were easy to tap into through the adjacent pathways. 

Classic design elements, with a mix of warm and cool finishes, create the perfect bathroom for our client’s teenage son. Charcoal herringbone floor tile creates interest with its subtle pattern. White subway tile in the shower keeps things clean and bright. The contrasting chestnut color wood vanity keeps the color scheme interesting. The black and gold accessories are understated with a slight masculine touch. Glass shower doors enhance the clean, open, and spacious  atmosphere. 

The Lellbach team loves special renovation projects like this! Creating new space for family living is one of our favorite things to do. And bringing more peace and harmony to a home is just a huge bonus! 

If your home is feeling a little snug, and you’re struggling to figure out where to add space, we’d love to make it easier for you. If you need more new bathroom ideas, check out some of our favorite projects, or follow us online for more home design inspiration!

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