In the world of home remodeling, we see an abundance of kitchens. And while we love them, sometimes it’s also really rewarding to do special projects. We get to think outside of the box a bit, and get creative with new design ideas — especially when we’re dealing with unique or small spaces. This Naperville mudroom and powder room remodel was just that! But don’t take our word for it, this time we asked our customer for their thoughts.

Q. What was your space like before remodeling?

A. Before the remodel, our space was dark and very bland. The doors and trim were in poor shape and outdated, and the paint and tile needed a facelift to brighten the mood. There was also some drywall damage that needed to be replaced due to a previous medicine cabinet, lighting fixtures, and a washer/dryer unit. As our primary guest bathroom, it was a high traffic area that needed to feel cleaner and more welcoming.

Q. What was the inspiration for your mudroom and powder room remodel?

A. It was actually a design of wallpaper that I saw in a half bath. I loved it and I chose my colors and tile based on the wallpaper design. Once I realized that the space was affecting my mood, I knew that it needed a change. It’s a high traffic area near the primary exit/entry between the garage and our home. It’s also the primary bathroom on the main floor so we use it quite a bit throughout the day.

After browsing Pinterest, I knew I needed to make it my own and have it be a more modern, functional space for our needs. I had always loved the shoe bench idea with hooks and cubbies. Now each of us has space for our own items. Modern, white, clean, country, and functional were my main goals.

mudroom remodel

Mudroom Update (After)

powder room remodel ideas

Powder Room (Before)

Q. What are your favorite aspects of your new space?

Everything! But mostly the white shoe cubbies and shiplap wall with a shelf. I wanted a space that I could decorate for each season and holiday and make everyone feel happy when they entered. My children now know to put their shoes in their cubbies once they enter the home and it’s a space they can grow with and use for their backpacks, iPads, etc.

I also love the gold and blue accents in the bathroom and our new tile. All new fixtures, paint, and new flooring really made a huge difference in this small space. It was a little intimidating to fix, but now I love using the bathroom again!

Q. How did this remodel improve the feel of your home?

This area is 100% better. Although a small space in the home, it is well-used, and now every time I walk in the space I enjoy spending time in it. It makes me smile. I love keeping it clean, decorated, and I am overall a happier person because of this change. I feel like it is a reflection of my personality and now I want to improve more parts of the home.

Q. How is life better now after updating your space?

The updated space is functional and organized. It’s amazing what changing even a small area in your home can do for you. I can’t wait to decorate it for the next holiday, and I love how organized we feel as we come and go. I may just add in that wallpaper after all!

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