The holidays are over, winter has arrived, and you’re starting to get a little cabin fever. There’s snow on the ground and the temperature is dropping, but spring will come again, and you want to be ready when it does! Now might be the perfect time to start working on your screened in porch ideas. Finish the design now, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a wonderful new space this summer.

Adding a sunroom will give your home that extra elbow room you need. Use the space for entertaining family and friends, streaming your favorite TV shows, or just enjoying a restful evening. A closed in porch can even make a perfect home office during warmer months. Enjoy the great outdoors while keeping pests at bay.

The fun begins by working with the Lellbach team to design your perfect screen porch addition. Your plans will include all the necessary building and electrical details to build your project. 

Screened In Porch Design

Choosing exterior finishes is a perfect way to set the tone for your new space. Matching the existing style and finishes creates a flawless transition between your home and the new addition. It also makes many choices easier, since you’re keeping siding, paint, trim, and roofing materials all the same!

screened in porch sunroom

Next up comes the interior finishes. Select maintenance-free interior materials and warm finishes for your inviting porch. Custom EZE Breeze screen porch windows are the perfect solution.  With full stacking capabilities, these windows offer clear views and fresh air circulation. These durable vinyl screen porch windows are lightweight, but heavy enough for protection from rain, snow, and the elements. 

A cathedral ceiling can be one of the best screened in porch ideas. Creating a spacious feeling, it also allows for special lighting, or an oversized ceiling fan. Knotty pine 8” v-groove siding applied on the walls and ceiling further enhances the feeling of warmth, texture, and openness. 

Low maintenance, composite tongue and groove porch flooring makes cleaning your new space a breeze! Choose an understated neutral gray tone and compliment the warm tone of the knotty pine. 

Last but not least, easy access to the outside grill and patio checks all the boxes for a porch addition.

And yes… we know there’s still snow on the ground, you’re still sipping hot chocolate, and looking for that extra sweater… But we promise, summer will be coming soon, and you could have the perfect space to enjoy it!

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