We all want our kitchens to be better. If only they were bigger, with more storage, and were easier to use. If only we had a bit more space for family activities. In our dream worlds, we would knock out walls, change layouts, and create incredible new kitchens. But alas, many of us don’t have that flexibility. When your space is fixed, and walls aren’t movable, or your budget calls for a shorter wish list, a small kitchen remodel might be just the thing for you.

Have no fear, even a minor kitchen renovation can make your world a much better place.

There are a few remodeling design strategies we use to rescue small kitchens while still meeting many of our client’s goals. When it comes to little kitchens, there are three steps we take to always deliver a functional and fabulous kitchen that leaves clients happy.


3 Keys to Small Kitchen Remodeling


1. We begin by checking options to visually “borrow” space from adjacent rooms.

Many small kitchens are next to a family or dining room, divided by just a doorway or knee wall. Enlarging the doorway or removing the knee wall will make the kitchen feel larger.

When you can see both spaces at the same time, they feel bigger. Visual accessibility between both spaces creates more comfortable family interaction and makes entertaining easier. 


2. Next, we look for opportunities within the footprint of the kitchen.

Less horizontal lines in a small space creates a more spacious feeling. Removing soffits, where possible, allows for taller upper cabinets, adding more storage and visual spaciousness. Perhaps we can transform the under utilized desk area into a usable beverage bar.

We often recommend removing eat-in kitchen tables in favor of larger islands with stools. Maximizing the available space with a larger island increases counter space, storage, and helps improve the work triangle. Islands are also great locations for drawer microwaves, recycling centers, and homework! 

Eliminating the clutter of a kitchen table, chairs, and other items creates a clean, streamlined look, which enhances a sizable impression of the kitchen.


3. Last, but definitely not least, we recommend keeping materials and color selections monochromatic with classic accents.

Increasing the sense of spaciousness with light neutral tones also enhances a timeless environment. We tend to keep all cabinets the same color, with complimentary countertops and tile.

A mixture of textures and a touch of sparkle completes the warm and inviting atmosphere of a small kitchen remodel. 

Feeling a little cramped in your kitchen? Perhaps you’re ready for a small kitchen remodel in your home! For more ideas, check out a few of our favorite kitchen projects!


Need a little more kitchen renovation inspiration?

Check out this before/after of a recent Lellbach project. We promise, it could happen for your space too!

small kitchen remodeling


small kitchen remodeling


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