Considering smart appliances for a kitchen remodel will keep you at the cutting edge of the latest innovations. Improving your cooking technique with increased efficiency makes you a rock star with daily meal prep & entertaining.

Here’s 3 awesome appliances ideas that pave the way for trends to become long lasting style for your kitchen remodeling project.

Cooking Modules: It’s all about you! The day is here for fully personalizes cooktops. The standard 4-6 burner cooktop steps aside as home cooks can select the burner types they prefer. Options such as teppanyaki top (grill top to sear meat without oil), grill top, gas/electric/induction burner, wok modules and in counter steamers provide you a customized healthy cooking center.

cooking modulesod-lo-resCooking Modules – Read all about it

Steam Cooking: Makes cooking healthy simple by preserving nutrients. Available for the home cook, built in steam ovens are paired with dual controls for steam and convection. Steam ovens reduce multiple pans for food prep by cooking in one oven. Pressurized steam reduce the need for oil and maintains nutrients in cooking family recipes. Pans & utensils go in the dishwasher leaving your clean up crew happy!

steam ovenRead more about steam ovens

Induction Cooking: What’s not to like about induction cooking? Quick to heat, easy clean up & energy efficient! These cooktops heat only the cooking vessel through a magnetic field. Only heating the bottom of the pan, you can pick up the pan without fear of getting burned.  The surrounding area of the cooktop stays cool; so, you don’t have to worry about children (or you!) getting burned. Offering a flush installation, these cooktops integrate seamlessly into your counter top.

induction 7Read all about it- Induction cooking for today!


We have seen the steam oven at a remodeling show & loved the ease of cooking it allows. Industry experts tell us that the microwave oven will become less dominate as the steam oven becomes more mainstream. Recently, a friend of ours cooked us a fabulous meal on her induction cooktop. It was easy to use and her fresh grouper was perfect!

Have to say, I think we are developing a case of appliance envy! What about you?