Doug balancing art & execution. | Doug has installed the chandelier and now begins add the lead glass drops.

The marriage of creativity & project execution is a balancing act among many elements. Walking this tight wire, Doug & I often find delight in the outcome of our projects. The installation of this elegant chandelier simply illustrates who Doug & I are as partners in our remodeling business. My eye for design & his expertise in remodeling create a great balance.

What I love¬† about this light is all the individual pieces of glass that create a sparkling centerpiece in this staircase. All those carefully package glass drops hang together to become a WOW!¬† The light continually changes as you view it from down below, up above, day time, night time and from the outside looking into the home. The paint (Benj. Moore owl gray) provides the backdrop for this piece of art to shine. Can’t wait to see the next layer- the window treatments coming soon! Will keep you posted!



Lights on!

Art illuminated. | The installed chandelier with lights on is breathtaking!

Art from any view

Art from above. | The chandelier sparkles and provides delight from any view in the home!

The balancing act continues

The balancing act continues. | Tom Nickols hands the glass drops to Doug. The chandelier has four rings of glass drops, each ring sized differently