Here is an article from the Daily Herald that has some great ideas!

A closet makeover can open up new storage options.

Every morning for 10 years, Tina Arend hunted for matching shoes, and her husband, Chris, dug through overpacked clothes rods in their walk-in bedroom closet.

“I would wonder if the rack was going to fall down,” said Chris, a reference to the time the flimsy wire clothes rack came crashing to the floor, spilling shirts and pants.

The two were weary of the disorganized, disheveled and endlessly annoying closet in their Eagan, Minn., home.

“I told Chris that all I wanted for Christmas this year was to organize our closet,” said Tina, who coveted a co-worker’s tidy and functional new closet, which was decked out with drawers, shoe cubbies and adjustable clothes rods.

Closet makeovers range from simple decluttering projects to full-blown installations with new shelving and built-ins.  Read the full article here.