At Lellbach Builders, we get the awesome experience of updating many homes in and around the Naperville area. Naperville continues to be home to one of the hottest real estate markets in Illinois, and as a result, we often hear “how do I get my home ready to sell?” Yes, kitchen and bath renovations are still top of mind, but there’s one area of potential that’s sometimes overlooked: closet remodeling.

The more time we spend at home, the more challenges we have… with storage. We all need more of it, and we all want it to work better and be easier to use. If you’re thinking about selling your home, don’t miss out on this potential game changer. Well-planned storage solutions can make your home more appealing to a buyer.

Realtors agree that well-designed, beautiful closets and storage can be a game changer in a home sale.  They can be the hidden home assets that increase the value of your home. Homes lacking beautiful closets or storage often take more time and effort to sell. Hearing “I love the closets!” can close the deal and send a buyer to contract. 


Closet Remodeling – Where to Start


Step 1: Evaluate your space

Organized storage is needed throughout the house. Develop a well-designed plan by evaluating your space and needs. Kitchen and laundry storage cabinets have great built-in storage. Don’t forget the master closet, where buyers pay attention to the details and style. Focus on getting rid of clutter and staying organized. 

Step 2: Think about how you start your day

Have you ever started your day in a hurry, only to have to dig in your closet to find the right outfit? Chances are, a potential buyer has this in common with you, and wants to change this in their next home. An organized, well-planned closet helps to start your day more smoothly. Adding a double hang for clothing, shoes, and purse shelves and drawers eliminates the frantic morning search routine. Your day starts more quickly and happily with a smile. 

Step 3: Think Aesthetic balance

Let your personal style show, but keep in mind there’s a delicate balance between your ideal personal space and something that appeals to buyers. Create a classic space with touches of your creative style.  Find the balance between aesthetics and function.  Mix different types of storage to make your space unique, but well thought out.  Add a dressing table and chair with interesting hardware and lighting. Details matter!


Closet Renovation – When to Get Help


Some closet projects can be a do-it-yourself job. By adding new storage options, putting up shelves, and painting a neutral color, you can make an old dreary closet come to life. But if you’re dealing with tougher challenges, getting some help with closet remodeling can be a good idea.

Perhaps you have a small closet that needs to be bigger. Or you’re dreaming about a completely custom closet with everything you need. Or maybe you just need a little help creating the ideal closet vision. Whatever the case, if the project seems out of reach, the Lellbach team can help make your goals a reality.

In this highly active and competitive real estate market, some buyers make their decisions based on the little things. Leverage the hidden assets of your home to help someone else see their dream home in your space.  It’s the details, like great closets, that create additional value to your home!

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