Frankie and Patrick were looking forward to the arrival of the first addition to their family. Setting up the nursery, baby proofing their home, and making sure everything was just right; they were fully prepared to be amazing parents! But their newly purchased (gently-loved) home wasn’t quite right. They reached out to Lellbach Builders for their home remodeling in Naperville to solve that problem.

The most important goal? To create a family-friendly open space by combining their kitchen and sitting area. They needed a place where everyone could gather to welcome and enjoy their new baby. The solution? A complete overhaul of their existing kitchen / living space. While they were delighted with their kitchen update, it was the new sitting area that became the icing on the cake.

As an older house, the existing kitchen and other areas were separated by several walls. Smaller spaces, lack of light, and an outdated feel were just a few of the challenges.

With the desire for an open concept kitchen and living space the remodel began.

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Home Remodeling with an Open Floor Plan

Envisioning the space without the existing kitchen, the new floor plan created a spacious, efficient kitchen, which interacts comfortably with the living space. The understated material and design finishes offer the perfect mix of style and graceful comfort.

The Lellbach team made it possible to keep the existing Brazilian cherry floor by patching areas impacted by the new floor plan. Consistent flooring throughout the new open floor plan unites the different spaces.

A new smooth concrete finish added a mid-century vibe to the existing brick face fireplace.  Neutral black paint transformed the existing mantle and fireplace doors into stylish accessories, while light wall colors helped to share natural light and create space.

The end result of this home remodeling in Naperville? An amazing new space ready to welcome the new baby, friends, and family!

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