Chances are, you have more than one bathroom. If not, you might be struggling to find peace at home. If you need creative ideas on adding another bathroom, we hope this project will inspire you! Assuming you have more than one bathroom, you may be stuck on the question: “do I have to use the same (or similar) design trends to remodel each bathroom?” Here is some new perspective and ideas for bathroom renovation.

Let’s jump right in. The short answer? It depends. If you have a powder room close to another larger bath, you may want to stick to complimentary (although not identical) design trends. Using a different shade of the same color paint, choosing a similar style vanity (squared versus rounded cabinet doors, for example), or the same style sink. These choices can bring a cohesive look to the space, and simplify your decisions if you are remodeling both around the same time.

Bathroom Renovation: What Matters Most?

The most important thing to consider is the purpose of the space. Is it a bathroom adjacent to your guest room? Or perhaps a full bath near the back entrance with a built-in tub to wash the dog? Maybe it’s a bathroom your teenagers share. If your bathroom will be used by very different people (parent’s vs. kids, etc.) then it’s perfectly fine to throw caution to the wind, and simply create functional spaces you love.

In one recent home remodel, the Lellbach team did just that!


bathroom remodeling ideas
bathroom renovation ideas

For one bathroom, the goal was simple elegance. Soft gray walls, minimalistic glass shower, white trim and counter top, and gray cabinets/drawers provide a foundation for this bathroom. But the creative use of marbled flooring and shower walls, with sparkling silver accents, adds a touch of sophistication.

Just down the hall was another bath, ready for its own unique style. A soft blue paint, with just a hint of green, brings a calm energy to the space. The soft gray flooring provides stability, while the creative wood cabinetry creates a focal point. A large lightly-colored countertop offers space to prep for the day. And last but not least, the blend of silver and dark hardware accents makes the space interesting.

Both are beautiful bathrooms, each perfect in their own right. They blend into the design of the home, and you can do the same thing in yours!

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