Sometimes it feels like this pandemic will never end… But we’re all optimistic about our future, and believe good things are coming! In the meantime, we can just revel in the extra time we get to spend at home. One of the best ways to love your home again (or more than you already do) is by updating the forgotten spaces. These are the rooms or areas we use a lot, but never really seem to be a priority for renovation. One of the best examples? A laundry room remodel.

When you think about it, we spend a lot of time in our laundry rooms — especially if you have a family with kids. We’re constantly washing, drying, hanging, ironing, and doing all sorts of laundry-related activities, just to keep everyone presentable. So why not make your laundry room a space you’ll love?

For one Naperville couple, that was exactly the goal.

Empty nesters for awhile, they found an ideal home they could remodel and make their own. And sure, they put a ton of effort into the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and other spaces, but they made sure not to forget the laundry room. They knew the old space just wouldn’t do, and the remodel needed to “wow.”

The old space was indeed a laundry room… Complete with an old washer, dryer, patterned linoleum floor, and a storage closet. It was exactly the type of space you might see in a classic movie.

laundry room remodel ideas

The Lellbach team helped design a new space that was bright and efficient, with plenty of room for sorting, washing, and folding laundry. They even added a small sink and plenty of extra storage.

The lighter shades for the walls and floors created a much more spacious feel. The addition of white cabinets, with dark hardware, was the perfect compliment to the new white washer and dryer. A unique patterned backsplash added just the right pop of color to the space.

This laundry room went fromĀ a place to escape, to a place to retreat and get organized. And while we might not be able to make the chore of laundry go away, we can definitely give you a happier place to get it done!

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